About Us

44 Years of Cancer Care

Karnataka Cancer Society is a brain child of a few philanthropic public and eminent Doctors solely to render service to the human kind and was started with the idea of serving the community especially the poor. However for some reason or the other, we were able to cater to only a small section of society. Your patronage and encouragement has made us to decide to expand our setup and provide more facilities to our patients in keeping with our mission it is only your participation, patronage, assistance and help all along extended to Karnataka Cancer Society have invigorated our enthusiasm to render greater help to the needy people, especially cancer patients, and we fervently believe with satisfaction that our efforts have borne fruit of saving at least some of the innocent lives, But for you we would not have come up to this stage. This bondage of help, we eagerly look forward from you for years to come.

Medicine and literature rarely go together, but in the case of the Karnataka Cancer Society, perhaps it’s all for the best that they did. Writer turned medical practitioner M. Shivaram — popularly known as Rashi, who contributed to the Kannada literary field by starting a humour magazine, Koravanji, and authored several books — was inspired by dramatist T.P. Kailasam to serve society through medicine. He eventually went on to form the Karnataka Cancer Society 47years ago.

Spurred by his experience at St. Martha’s Hospital for over 20 years and concern for cancer patients, particularly those from rural areas, Dr. Shivaram set up the society in 1968, along with friends. At the time, the State-run Victoria Hospital was the only one with a cancer treatment facility. For further treatment, cancer patients would have to travel either to Mumbai or Vellore. Dr. Shivaram and his team, who believed in the maxim, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, initially toured rural areas around Bangalore holding cancer awareness camps. Their efforts resulted in the society expanding its services to cancer detection and treatment camps across the State. The society set up an office and clinic on 11th Cross, Vyalikaval, and now has over 1,400 members including doctors, philanthropists, businessmen and volunteers.

Make a difference by helping the needy

Your donation is important. It would help a poor cancer patient receive free treatment.